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We Bring Authenticity

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

What makes a handmade product authentic? For ours, first, it is the artisans. The women of Lung Tam display their wonderful creativity and craftsmanship not just through the final product but also in each step that contributes to creating it.

Lung Tam Cooperative was created by Vang Thi Mai, a woman with a vision to retain the traditional hemp weaving of the Hmong. It situates in the mountainous area of Ha Giang, northernmost of Vietnam. In the late 90s, Mai realised that the long-standing craft was fading away. Hemp weaving had been a crucial part of the Hmong for hundreds of years and was in dire need of preservation.

But there was another danger facing the little commune of Lung Tam, human trafficking. As Ha Giang is close to the border between Vietnam and China, women, especially young girls, were vulnerable to being sold to the other side. Mai established the cooperative in the hope of both preserving her tradition and protect the women in the commune. Twenty years on, the cooperative of Lung Tam is now well-known not just in Vietnam but to many foreigners coming to Ha Giang.

It takes months from planting the seeds, making the fibre, weaving the cloth to coming up with designs and making a proper product. In every process, the Hmong artisans perform their best to craft their finest creation.

Yet, there is more to our authenticity. Each motif on our products has its own meaning. It could be friendship. It could be family. It could represent husband and wife etc. Hmong people has never actually had their own written language, so they use motifs and drawings to communicate. This means that each product carries a piece of culture with them, showing the qualities that its creator values the most and want to show it to the world.

By combining craftsmanship and culture, the artisans of Lung Tam have created products that are unique to themselves. It is what makes them authentic and Loominous brings that authenticity to you. 

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